Plants for Members

BRADS Plants-For-Members Program

The primary purpose of the Plants-For-Members (PFM) program is to educate our members by investigating the performance of new cultivars. Many of the PFM plants are untried in our area, and this program will give members information on the performance of a cultivar in our area. The PFM program is designed to provide BRADS members with relatively recent and popular daylily cultivars, which in turn will provide plants for club auctions. Other goals of the program include: encouraging participation in club activities,  encouraging visits to other members’ gardens, and encouraging social interaction among members. The club has budgeted money for purchasing plants. All plants remain BRADS property.

Members selected to grow PFM plants will grow the plant for two years while the plant increases. If the clump increases to six (6) or more fans, then the member may keep two (2) fans; if less than six (6), the member can keep one (1) fan and return the remaining fans for auction. If the plant is a slow increaser, then the member may be asked to grow the plant for another year before bringing it in for auction. For especially fast growers, members may bring in a portion of the plant for auction in one (1) year instead of the normal two (2).

Member Eligibility

The PFM plants will be distributed to eligible club members using a lottery system. In order to be eligible, members must:
1. Be an active member in the club. Some of the activities that members can do: be a club officer, committee member, regularly attend meetings and club functions, contribute to club by helping at club activities, such as Holiday House, plant sale, maintenance of club garden, set-up and clean-up at club meetings, etc.
2. Members must attend at least one of the previous year’s four quarterly business meetings to be eligible for plants (attending annual Christmas party does not count towards eligibility).
3. Have dues paid by January 31 of the current year (if a renewing member cannot pay their dues by January 31 because of a personal hardship, it is the member’s responsibility to discuss their situation with the club president before January 31.
4. Have been growing daylilies for at least a year.
5. Submit their name after reviewing the PFM guidelines to either the current
Committee Chairperson or the club Secretary.

Plant Distribution

The meeting date and a list of those members who are eligible for the distribution of daylilies will be published in the club newsletter.

Grower Responsibilities

• Encourage visitors to your garden (fellow club members or non-club members).
• Bring blooms, when plant is in bloom, to club meetings and functions.
• Provide updates to the PFM committee annually.
• Return entire plant to club should you resign from BRADS or move away from the area. No fans should be kept by the member.
• Bring plant to the auction or committee member cleaned, divided, groomed and labeled.


1. Place the club plant in an area of your garden where there is full sun for a
majority of the day. Morning sun is best for daylilies.
2. Plant in an area where plants have lived happily in the previous year.
3. Plant in soil that has been improved, adding up to 40% of organic material is
good. Do not use ripe manure or green plant material.
4. Provide enough space for growth and place the roots at the proper depth and properly spread out.

Plants-For-Members Committee Member Duties

• Participate in selection of PFM plants.
• Gather information from members who would like to participate in the program.
• Determine eligibility of members wishing to participate in the program.
• Arrange for auction of returning plants.
(These guidelines were put into effect January 2010)